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Pure Street Dance DVD

Pure Street Dance DVD

"I brought the Urban Strides new DVD and I seriously love it. Everything is broken down and the routines are amazing! If you're thinking of buying it, get it!"
Helyana Liviero - Aylesbury  

We want to teach you the same moves that made Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake famous. With our unique DVD you can learn those moves in the privacy of your own home so you can go on to freestyle with confidence at clubs and parties and dance whenever and wherever the mood takes you...

Ask yourself...

Do you want to have fun?
Do you want to have the confidence to dance with friends when you’re out?
Do you want to be a better dancer?
Are you serious about improving?
Do want a DVD that you can use every day to inspire you?
Do you want to learn the freshest street dance moves?

If the answer to any of these is yes then the Pure Street Dance DVD is what you need. If you are already attending classes it will certainly help you improve much faster. If you are new to Street Dance it’s essential.

How does it work?...

The Pure Street Dance DVD is a comprehensive tutorial DVD giving you access to the most important foundation steps in Street Dance as well as 2 hrs of extras, interviews and behind the scenes of our arena tour. Your confidence will increase as you achieve every new move, building your skills so you can dance with real style and flava. Your fitness and energy levels will dramatically improve helping you feel more confident and look great. Whether you are an aspiring Street dancer or just want to bust a move in the privacy of your own home, Pure street dance will give you all the knowledge and moves you need.

The DVD starts off with the vital foundation steps, teaching you the basic funk and groove needed to do the style then it develops to teach you how to body wave, body pop (tensing of the muscles) glide (think sideways moonwalk) Then you develop these skills into some fresh combo’s. Once the foundations are down and you feel confident free styling you move onto a series of 4 routines from beginner right up to advanced. The Pure Street Dance DVD has all the skills you will need to dance with confidence and astound your friends.

What do you get with your Pure Street Dance DVD?...

Every single move is broken down in slow motion so you can move forward at the pace that suits you. The DVD includes: Over 2.5 hrs of tutorial footage breaking down the main foundation steps:

The Rock
The Drop
Body Wave
Body Ripple
Body Poppin
Wave combinations
Glide (sideways moonwalk) p.s. the moonwalk made famous by Michael Jackson was originally taught to him by Jeffery Daniels who learnt it from the electric boogaloos who first named it the backslide…just thought you should know!)
Happy feet, (a funky move of the feet that inspired sections of the crip walk)

+ 1.5 hrs of Routines
Level 1 A raw routine to get you started
Level 2 A New skool Poppin routine
Level 3 A syncopated R+B routine focusing on musicality
Level 4 hardcore advanced!-(This is where it gets nasty! once you have worked your way through the whole DVD a super dynamic routine to really test you!)

+ 2 hrs Special Features
Interviews with every single member of the crew!
Find out what it takes to a successful street dancer
Behind the scenes of our arena tour (find out what happens backstage!)
Gallery shots from our performances throughout the year + A FREE CD from UK Beatbox legend Beardyman

Who will be teaching you the Street Dance moves on the DVD?...

Andy Instone - Street Dance ChoreographerMy name is Andy Instone, I present the DVD along with the Urban Strides Dance crew and have been doing street dance for 12 years. I have taught over 367,000 people in Europe, America and the UK how to get down the authentic way. I am the only Street Dance choreographer in the world to have choreographed for Her Majesty the Queen on two occasions including opening the 2005 Royal Variety performance. I have choreographed and presented 4 bestselling DVD’s selling over 250,000 copies worldwide. I have Choreographed for two sell out arena tours including performances at the 02 arena, the Royal Albert hall and the Odysey in Belfast taking in over 26 arenas in 6 weeks. I have worked with the artists Dizzee Rascal, Sean Paul and Basement Jaxx. 

I know you could learn Street Dance from anyone, so I wanted to let you know the style I teach is authentic and has been proven.

Urban Strides is the Crew I founded and we have shared the journey every step of the way, so you can rest assured the dancers on the DVD are of the highest calibre.

I have learned from the pioneers of Street Dance, travelling the world to learn from the people who created the styles. My teachers have included: The Electric boogaloos, Poppin Pete, Suga Pop and Mr Wiggles as well as Greg Camplelock Jr from the Original Lockers. In terms of New Skool Street Dance, I learned from the artists who have created moves for Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot and Usher. Artists including Buddha Stretch from elite force and House legend Terry Wright. If you are new to street dance culture go onto youtube and check them out, they have worked on some of the most iconic pop videos and performances of our time and have been credited with creating the Street Dance style you see on TV and videos today.

Still unsure if the Pure Street Dance DVD is for you?...

We only have a limited number of DVD’s at this price and they WILL go. We don’t want you to feel disappointed, we have already helped 2456 people with the DVD and we want you to feel the benefits they have. The DVD has been proven to radically improve your standard of street dance. We have such a strong belief the DVD will improve your confidence when dancing and the amount of new moves it will give you we also guarantee that if you are not totally happy we will refund the DVD and the postage and packaging, you really do have nothing to lose. Start your Street Dance journey to reach the next level now. I sincerely look forward to helping you improve your dancing. Best wishes Andy Instone

P.S. We have shipped our DVD’s to America, Australia and Africa it is a region 3 which means it will play on any DVD player in every corner of the globe. Join the worldwide community and take action to improve your Street Dancing today!

Pure Street Dance DVD
Price: £13.97 (Incl. VAT)